Results of Annual General Meeting

By Alice Hart

With the weather just about holding up, Oxford MCCU and the Army decided to make the most of the opportunity to play at the Parks and held a 10 overs per side match. The Army batted first. Not long into the first innings, the drizzle began. It was unfortunate that we were playing the Army and not the Navy, as the rain would have provided inspiration for Oxford’s sledging repertoire.

With the groundsmen looming at the boundary, anxious that we would damage their precious pitch, Oxford were keen to get through the overs quickly. Wickets by Hearn and McNab ensured that the Army did not pick up any dangerous momentum. 

The Army finished their 10 overs on 46. Oxford reversed the batting order from the T20 to give everyone some batting practice. Niharika Sachdeva and Nancy Yuan opened the batting for Oxford. An inspiring pull shot by Sachdeva, making the hours in the winter nets seem worthwhile, was the highlight of the Oxford innings.

Alice Hart and Amy Hearn batted out the 10 overs after the dismissals of Sachdeva (caught) and Yuan (run out). Going into the final over, a win was possible; however, Oxford finished the 10 overs two runs short of victory. We were quickly ushered off the pitch by the groundsmen, keen to protect their wicket. Although Oxford lost both matches against the Army, these matches provided some invaluable practice for the team, which would prove to be useful as the season progressed.


Summary of scores:

Army 3/46 (10 overs)

McNab 1/ 6 (2)

Hearn 1/10 (2)

Lee-Smith 0/2 (1)


Oxford 2/44 (10 overs)

Hearn 17 not out

Hart 8 not out

Sachdeva 6