Results of Annual General Meeting

(By Alice Hart)

On Saturday 25th May, in a week in which Oxford MCCU were to play four matches, Oxford hosted Warwick at home at the Parks. Oxford won the toss and Captain Vanessa Picker elected to bat first.

Picker and Olivia Lee-Smith opened the batting for Oxford, putting on a very impressive partnership of 94 before Lee-Smith got caught on 26. Readers might appreciate the fact that this total alone would have almost beaten Warwick’s eventual batting score. The rest of Oxford’s innings can be summarised by small scores and several run-outs (a shout out to the Skipper Picker for making some of these run-outs possible).

However, Oxford did (just about) manage to bat out the full 30 overs, giving them a very defendable 209 runs. The highlight of the innings was Picker’s 101 runs, her first (but certainly not her last) century of the season.

Thanks to the heroic actions of Shona McNab (cycling to Tesco to buy sandwich fillings immediately after being run out), Oxford were able to put on a lovely match tea, with plenty of coleslaw for all to enjoy. Afterwards, it was Oxford’s turn to field. Amy Hearn and Alex Skinner opened the bowling, ensuring that Warwick struggled to even get the odd single. They ended on (5-1-11-0) and (6-0-23-0) respectively.

Alice Hart then came onto bowl, trying to redeem herself after a rather embarrassing golden duck a few hours earlier. However, things seemed to go a little more favourably for her after tea, with final figures of (6-1-16-4).

Caitlin Deacock, Olivia Lee-Smith and Nikki Sachdeva also put on a punishing display of bowling, with Lee-Smith and Sachdeva each taking a wicket. Strong bowling ensured that Warwick could not put on any long partnerships, and only managed a total of 102 runs. It was therefore a very enjoyable victory for Oxford MCCU after a long week of cricket. It certainly increased their confidence before they faced MCC at Lord’s the following week


Summary of scores:

Oxford 9/209 (30 overs)

Picker 101

Lee-Smith 26

Hearn 14 not out


Warwick 8/102 (30 overs)

Hart 4/16 (6)

Lee-Smith 1/11 (4)

Sachdeva 1/12 (3)