Results of Annual General Meeting

(By Alice Hart)

On Friday 24th May, Oxford MCCU women played Worcester College in a men’s Cuppers match at Marston. The team was already slightly fatigued and frustrated by two losses earlier that week against strong Cambridge and Oxfam sides. Nonetheless, we were looking forward to playing (and umpiring) a good game of cricket.

Oxford batted first, with skipper Vanessa Picker opening alongside wicket keeper Izzy Harrison. Some fast and straight bowling from the Worcester team restricted our batting considerably. Harrison got caught for a duck, before Caitlin Deacock joined Picker, and the two put up a strong partnership of 22 runs in 4 overs. Picker, Deacock and Alex Skinner all achieved double figures; however, the rest of the batters were collectively only able to achieve six more runs. Oxford ended the innings with 67 runs.

After a swift turnaround, it was Oxford’s turn to bowl. However, none of our bowlers were quite able to successfully compete with the Worcester boys’ batting ability. Worcester quickly chased down the 67 runs with no loss of wicket.

Overall, it was quite a frustrating game of cricket. However, it proved to be the last of our losing streak, with a win coming less than 24 hours later against Warwick. Moreover, although in previous matches we have seen some excellent batting and bowling partnerships between Alice Hart and Amy Hearn, these partnerships proved to be insignificant compared to the umpiring partnership that they put on during this match. Amy Hearn + Alice Hart are currently awaiting recruitment emails from the ECB. We will keep you updated.


Summary of scores:

Oxford 9/67 (20 overs)

Deacock 17

Picker 13

Skinner 12


Worcester 0/68 (6 overs)

Deacock 0.7 (0.5)

Hart 0/9 (1)

Hearn 0-24 (2)