Town v Gown (Friendly)

(By Izzy Harrison)

Oxford MCCU arrived at various times for the match against Oxford Cricket Club. This was in part due to Izzy Harrison’s faithful car breaking down just 500m from the pitch (potentially due to a lack of petrol). Thankfully eleven players (and their cars) made it to the pitch in time to start. Wilkins decided that the event was all too much and despite planning on arriving at some point, was not seen.

Picker and Deacock opened the batting and racked up a partnership of 36 before Deacock was flummoxed by a straight one to the legs, to be given out LBW on 12 (24). Dack took the reins and accelerated on with boundaries and plenty of running before being caught out on 28 (31). Harrison then took over, unable to find a boundary, she displayed her sports science abilities, running two threes before running herself out on 13 (15). 

Picker now on her fourth partnership as Hart joined her in the middle, she continued to do what she does best, totting up the total before being run out on 64 (78) after nearly two hours of batting. Hearn made a brief visit to the middle, however this time a duck was on the menu.

Hart, after the devastating loss of her captain and Hearn in just a few overs, sacrificed herself and was caught on 10 (22) by Ellie Bath, an ex MCCU player. The innings was finished off by Surabhi Shukla 1 (9), Katie Bennett 7 (12) and Alex Skinner 10* (30), with OUCC all out in 34 overs for a total of 192. An overall sound batting performance from the MCCU with a special mention to the wides as the second highest scorer of the day.

After an excellent tea, the girls went out to field, defending a very strong total. Hearn and Dack bowled well to be rewarded by wickets in the second (Dack) and fifth over (Hearn). The openers finished their spells with 4-0-16-1 and 4-0-19-1 respectively. Wickets continued to fall for bowlers 3 and 4 with wicket maidens from Hart (5-1-9-4) and Shukla (5-2-10-2) in a phenomenal show of bowling as displayed by their statistics.

At this point, Oxford CC were shaken, with hopes of a victory slipping away. The final wicket was taken by Deacock, who bowled with impressive aim at the smallest set of pads seen that day. An LBW was given on her third ball after the call of ‘wide and a wicket’ undoubtedly sealed Oxford CC’s fate.

An outstanding bowling performance meant Oxford CC was bowled out for 61 in 18 overs. An enjoyable day was had by all as both sides were rooting for Oxford. Special mention to Hearn for starting a Mexican wave on the field, no special mention for Hart.


Summary of scores:

OUCC AO/192 (34)

Picker 64

Dack 28

Harrison 13


Oxford CC AO/61 (18)

Hart 4/9 (5)

Shukla 2/10 (5)

Deacock 1/1 (0.3)