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Note for O.U.C.C. Members about the Men’s 50 over Varsity Match at Lord’s on Sunday, May 23rd


You may already have heard the very good news that the Men’s 50 over Varsity Match will take place at Lord’s on Sunday, May 23rd. The fixture is being used by the M.C.C. as a test run for the England/New Zealand fixture later in the summer, with the hope that as many as 3,500 spectators will be present. This note is intended to help members obtain tickets for the fixture, as well as to inform them of the main coronavirus constraints that are, quite understandably, being placed on those attending.


First, as to obtaining tickets, which will be free, they are expected to be available to O.U.C.C. and C.U.C.C. members from May 4th. What the member needs to do, in order to obtain tickets is to register with the M.C.C. and create an online account, and it is recommended that this be done as soon as possible, and ahead of actually applying for tickets. The maximum number of tickets per person is two. Specific, numbered seats will be assigned to the applicant. As would be expected, distancing provision will be made as to the seating such that every pair or single person will be suitably separated from the other spectators. Finally, it is to be noted both that the tickets will not be printed by the M.C.C. and that there is no possibility of them being obtained at the ground on the day of the match.


There will be three spectator “sectors” with seating available to O.U.C.C. members, within the ground, one that includes the Tavern and Allen Stands (accessed via the Grace Gate), one that includes the Mound and Edrich Stands (accessed via the East Gate) and the Compton Stand (accessed via the North Gate). It is vital to note that one cannot move out of the sector in which one’s seats are situated. That said, there will be food and beverage outlets in each sector, as well, of course, as lavatories.


Secondly, here is information about further coronavirus constraints.


1. Face coverings must be worn at all times, except when food or drink are being consumed.


2. By the ticket terms, you agree not to attend if you are testing positively for coronavirus or displaying symptoms thereof.


3. It is recommended that you take a “flow test” before entering the ground.


4. If, at any stage, you leave the ground, you will not be able to return to it.


5. No chanting is allowed, with stewards having authority to eject anyone that breaches this rule or the face mask one.


6. There will be no water available at the fountains, but only in bottles bought at the outlets.


Finally, please note that this note has been compiled following discussions with the authorities at the M.C.C. A formal memorandum is being prepared by the M.C.C., and everything said in this note must be read as subject to what is said in that memorandum or otherwise in official material issuing from that club.



Peter Mirfield

O.U.C.C. Secretary