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Varsity match 2022

OUCC has actively been discussing the possibility of a men’s and women’s double header at Lord’s since the merger of OUCC with OUWCC in 2019.  
We are most grateful for MCC’s continued support for the fixture and for generously allowing the Universities to determine the format of Varsity matches for next year.
Following a recent committee meeting, OUCC, with the full backing of its women’s and men’s sections, agreed to work with Cambridge to change the format of the 2022 Lord’s Varsity match.
Vice-chair Claire Taylor, said: “It has always been our intention to explore the possibility of a double header at Lord’s, but it was a question of when; ensuring that any change in format would be sustainable.  Playing a men’s and women’s double-header on the main ground at Lord’s in 2022 will be an exciting prospect for all involved and a real opportunity to celebrate varsity cricket. We thank MCC for the opportunity.”