University Cricket in Oxford
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Code Of Conduct

  1. The Oxford University Cricket Club (“the Club”) does not tolerate any form of harassment or victimisation and expects all of its members, employees, and visitors to treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration. 
  1. All members of the Club are expected to read and agree to act in accordance with this Code of Conduct and the University of Oxford’s Policy and Procedure on Harassment. Membership may be removed or suspended for failing to do so.  

University Policy and Procedure on Harassment1 

  1. All members of the Club are expected to: 
  • treat other members with dignity and respect; 
  • discourage any form of harassment by making it clear that such behaviour is unacceptable; and 
  • support other members who feel that they have been subject to harassment. 
  1. “Harassment” includes in particular the following conduct, however carried out (including online): 
  • verbal or physical bullying or threats 
  • sexual harassment including unwanted physical conduct, sexually explicit remarks or sexual assault 
  • racist behaviour or comments 
  • homophobic behaviour or comments 
  • victimisation 
  • religiously motivated abuse 
  1. If you wish to complain about harassment within the Club, you should consider trying to resolve the matter informally. If such resolution is unsuccessful you can make a formal complaint in writing to any Committee member.  
  1. For informal advice, including in relation to how you make a complaint, you can contact [name of Committee member] at [email address]. 
  1. University of Oxford students can also seek support from: 
  • one of the University’s harassment advisors;  
  • college harassment advisors (for members of Oxford colleges); 
  • their college deans or other officers with pastoral responsibilities, the Common Room welfare or equal opportunities officer or a student peer supporter; 
  • the University Counselling Service 
  • OUSU’s Student Advice Service 
  1. More information is available on the Oxford Students website. 

Oxford Students harassment pages 

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