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A few weeks ago, OUCC went back on tour, and returned to Barbados for the first time since 2017. Over the 11 days we were away, the group played 6 games against some very tough opposition. Whilst the results may not have gone our way, it was a fantastic experience, with lots gained both on and off the field. It was particularly pleasing to see so many new players to the squad performing well and buying into the values of the club.  

Our thanks go to all the clubs that hosted us, to Junior and Gulliver’s who looked after us so well, and, of course, to Frew and all the past tourists who’ve so generously supported this tour. 

Match 1: OUCC v Alleyne Academy 

Alleyne Academy 170ao (Barman 3-25) 

OUCC 171-4 (Barman 58) 

Match 2: OUCC v Yorkshire CC 

OUCC 218-8 (Brown 80, Douglas 84) 

Yorkshire CC 224-3 

Match 3: OUCC v North Stars CC 

OUCC 125ao 

North Stars 131-6 

Match 4: OUCC v Isolation Cavaliers 

Isolation 239-5 (Swanson 3-44) 

OUCC 217-9 (Hargrave 77) 

Match 5: OUCC v Northern Cricket Academy 

OUCC 226-5 (de Bhal 67, Naylor 57) 

Northern Cricket Academy 229-7 

Match 6: OUCC v Franklyn Stephenson Academy 

Franklyn Stephenson Academy 404-7 (Choudhary 3-77) 

OUCC 242-9