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Cricket in the Parks Since 1881


Cuppers is a 20-over knockout completion taking place in Trinity term, between the college cricket teams of Oxford University. Cuppers is an excellent way for college players to prove themselves and earn a chance to play for the University teams. Matches are generally played in the first half of term on weekday afternoons, with the final taking place in the Parks.

Please contact OUCC Men’s Cuppers Secretary Chris Mingard ( if you have any questions about the men’s Cuppers competition. To find out about the women’s Cuppers competition, please contact Vanessa Picker (


Cuppers 2019:

Game A: Teddy Hall 1 v St Anne’s – Teddy Hall 1 win

Game B: Merton/Mansfield v Balliol – Balliol win

Game C: St Hilda’s/New v Somerville – Somerville win

Game D: Magdalen v St Catz – Magdalen win

Game E: Trinity v Christ Church – Christ Church win

Game F: Wolfson v Queen’s – Queen’s win

Game G: Keble v Oriel – Keble win

Game H: Hertford v Exeter – Hertford win

Game I: Jesus v St Peter’s – Jesus win

Game J: University – University win

Game K: Corpus v St Hugh’s – Corpus win

Game L: Lady Marget Hall – Lady Margaret Hall win

Game M: St John’s v Brasenose – Brasenose win

Game N: Lincoln v Teddy Hall 2 – Lincoln win

Game O: Wadham v Ladies Blues – Ladies Blues win (by forfeit)

Game P: Worcester v Pembroke – Worcester win

Quarter Final A: Balliol v Somerville – Balliol win

Quarter Final B: Queens v Keble – Keble win (by forfeit)

Quarter Final C: Jesus v Corpus – Jesus win

Quarter Final D: Brasenose v Worcester – Worcester win

Semi Final A: Balliol v Keble – Keble win

Semi Final B: Jesus v Worcester – Worcester win

2019 Cuppers Final:

Worcester v Keble 

Worcester win!

Cuppers 2018:

Game A: Corpus Christi v Women’s Blues – Corpus Christi win

Game B: Oriel v St Hughs – St Hughs win

Game C: Worcester (1) v Brasenose – Worcester (1) win

Game D: Christchurch v Keble – Christchurch win

Game E: LMH v Queen’s – Queen’s win

Game F: Magdalen v St John’s – St John’s win

Game G: Exeter v St Edmund Hall – St Edmund Hall win

Game H: Balliol v Jesus (2) – Balliol win

Game I: St Catz v Lincoln – St Catz win

Game J: St Hilda’s / New v Worcester (2) – St Hilda’s / New win

Game K: Hertford v Wadham – Hertford win

Game L: Merton / Mansfield v St Peter’s – Merton / Mansfield win

Game M: Balliol (2) v St Anne’s – St Anne’s win

Game N: St Edmund’s Hall (2) v Trinity / Somerville – Trinity / Somerville win

Game O: Pembroke v University – Pembroke win

Game P: Jesus v Wadham (2) – Jesus win

Game A: Corpus Christi v St Hugh’s – Corpus Christi win

Game B: Worcester v Christchurch – Worcester win

Game C: Queens v St John’s – St John’s win

Game D: St Edmund Hall v Balliol – St Edmund Hall win

Game E: St Catz v St Hilda’s / New – St Hilda’s / New win

Game F: Hertford v Merton / Mansfield – Hertford win

Game G: St Anne’s v Trinity / Somerville – Trinity / Somerville win

Game H: Pembroke v Jesus – Jesus win


Quarter Final A: Corpus Christi v Worcester – Worcester win 

Quarter Final B: St John’s v St Edmund Hall – St Edmund Hall win

Quarter Final C: St Hilda’s / New v Hertford – Hertford win

Quarter Final D: Trinity / Somerville v Jesus – Jesus win

Semi Final A: Worcester v St Emund Hall – St Edmund Hall win

Semi Final B: Hertford v Jesus – Jesus win

2018 Cuppers Final:

St Edmund Hall v Jesus 

Jesus win in a super over!